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Service and Repair Resort

Machine Servicing

Has your machine been to our Service and Repair Resort lately?

Your sewing machine loves a respite and under normal usage should check-in at least annually.

Under normal use both lint and thread build up in the sewing head, feed mechanism and embroidery arm.  This can cause tension issues, calibration issues and feeding issues. Left unchecked this can lead to costly repairs.


Machines have many moving parts that need lubricating, by a certified technician, to keep them running smoothly.

Machines left untouched for several years may have hardened grease that needs addressing prior to use to prevent costly damage to the machine.


Our Husqvarna VIKING/PFAFF/SINGER professionally trained and certified technician, Ron James, is on site to provide service to keep your machine running in tip-top shape.


All work is done on site.  As a dealership we have full access to Husqvarna VIKING machine parts.  

            If you are experiencing a problem bring the machine in threaded, along with all the               items listed below, and the project you are working on.  This is required by our                       technician.   

For servicing, please bring:

            -basic zigzag foot (utility foot)
             -zigzag stitch plate
             -embroidery unit with embroidery foot for all embroidery machines

             -single hole stitch plate and "S" foot for 9mm sewing/embroidery machines (Designer Epic 2 & Epic 95 Q)
             -power cord and foot pedal for all sergers, all non-Husqvarna Viking machines and Husqvarna Viking machines greater than 15 years old. 
             -bobbin and case for all non-Husqvarna Viking machines and for older Husqvarna Viking machines.
            Price Range:

            Mechanical Machines starting at $99.99

            Computerized Machines starting at $109.99
            Sergers starting at $129.99
            Embroidery Machines starting at $129.99

            Diagnostic Service starting at $45.00 

            A non-refundable $45.00 deposit is required for older model machines.

           * Most brands of mechanical machines can be serviced by our technician.  If parts are needed, repair will be dependent upon availability of parts through our third-party vendors.

           * Most brands of computerized machines (no longer under warranty) can be serviced by our technician depending on availability of service manuals and parts.

            If you need assistance getting your machine to and from your car for service just let us know. We are here for you.   
          Your Machine will thank you for servicing it.



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