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Meet Our Team

Jackie Giacco, Owner

Hi, I’m Jackie Giacco and some of you may remember me from my 9 plus years working at the VIKING Sewing Gallery inside JoAnns in Melbourne, FL.  I started quilting about 30 years ago and quickly fell in love with it.

 I saw my first Husqvarna VIKING sewing/embroidery machine (Designer 1 with floppy discs) about 25 years ago and knew I “just had to have it”.  
And guess what?  I bought one!

Years later, when I became an empty nester, I began working for VIKING learning all the things these machines are capable of doing.  I absolutely loved my time with VIKING and had a dream of some day owning a quilt store and selling the machines I love.  

Dream realized!  

I hope to see you and help make your dreams come true, too!

Ron James

Hey! I am Ron James,  a professionally trained and certified technician servicing Husqvarna VIKING/PFAFF/SINGER brands of sewing machines.

Having worked in the industrial sewing world, I bring many years of experience to this trade.


I take great pride in my work and want to help you keep your sewing machine running “like a finely tuned machine”.


I strive to get your machine serviced in a week for a simple “spa treatment”.  Machines requiring repairs can take longer depending on the availability of parts and the complexity of the repair.


Thanks for entrusting me with the care of your machine.


Nancy Vaiskauckas

Hi! I am Nancy Vaiskauckas a sewist, teacher, unpublished pattern designer and true lover of this craft. Growing up in the sewing community, I have had the good fortune of being around very skilled and creative people and have learned a great deal from them.


Sewing gives me the opportunity to interact with so many talented people and these interactions help me expand my knowledge base and skill-set.


Fabric energizes me. It fascinates me to watch the way colors interact with one another and it brings me joy to be part of that “aha” moment when the perfect combination is found.


Having been part of the Husqvarna VIKING Sewing Machine community since the early 90s, I have learned so much about these machines through the e-learning program, Viking Ambassadors, daily use and a very skilled technician.


Please stop by the shop and share your “joy of sewing” with me. 


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